Three Ways to Increase Your Mobility in Life

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Talk about mobility, and people usually think of movement in the short term. It could be an athlete’s physical ability to cover distances quickly or an employee’s capacity to work on the go, for example. But from a broader perspective, mobility is a quality we can cultivate—or neglect—in our lives over the years. Being mobile in that sense can allow you to better adapt to a changing world or uncertain economy; it lets you seize opportunities that would be unavailable to those whose lifestyle restricts their movement. Here are some ways you can enjoy increased mobility in your life.

Use transportation to your favor

When you zoom out and consider the big picture, geographical mobility can be the most obvious area for improvement. Even without ever leaving your current location, it’s easy to see the influence of transportation in enabling or hindering your mobility. A city prone to traffic congestion and lacking in public transportation options will curtail your time, dictate where you can go, and limit your enjoyment of each day. Relocate to a place with better transportation, and you’ll witness a marked improvement in your quality of life. You might even want to scout campers for sale and enjoy an affordable, permanently mobile home and lifestyle. But no matter what situation you’re in, making deliberate use of transportation to save time will allow you to accomplish more, go farther, and increase your range of social interactions.

Expand your career opportunities

Many people have the means to travel; given enough time and motivation, some could muster the courage to pack up their belongings and relocate to another state or a different country altogether. But most people find it impractical. One major limiting factor is career mobility. If you’ve been working for some time at the same company without prospects for further advancement, then you know your career mobility is limited, but if you jump ship to work in the same position, how do you know things will be any different? The key to greater career mobility is developing transferable skills. Through continuous learning and additional training, you can erase the boundaries between roles and take on different tasks. This allows you to move vertically within a company but also helps you make the transition across companies and even industries, greatly expanding your career opportunities.

Improve your social skills

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Working with location and opening up your career options will help increase your mobility in life, but geography and ability aren’t the only things that matter in this endeavor. Non-cognitive or social skills are known to play a significant role in increasing one’s social mobility, for instance. By polishing your social skills, you can grow and strengthen your support network in any situation. When you quit your job for a new one or relocate to pursue an opportunity, it’s not just a matter of calculating increased income versus cost of living. Beyond the numbers, you’ll need to have some people you can trust in a new setting, and good socializing will help form those essential new relationships.

Living in the same place and meeting the same people, we can all end up operating within a small range that restricts our opportunities. With these practices, you can increase your mobility, cast your net farther, and be rewarded with a more enriched life.

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