Expert-level Tips on Optimizing Your Product Pages

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You have a great product line. Your website is well-designed. You’ve hired an amazing photographer and videographer to create materials for your site. The content of the website itself is well-optimized for search engines. In fact, you have a pretty good organic web traffic. And yet, your sales are down. Web visitors aren’t converting. What is wrong with your business?

You’ve spent a considerable amount of money to produce the products and design the website. Every visit to your site represents the money and efforts you have spent to get them there. That’s what any chief digital marketing officer would have done. But many businesses forget about the importance of the product page. If your product pages cannot convert customers, then what’s the use of the thousands of dollars you have poured into your digital marketing campaigns?

Cut the Clutter

Many business owners and web administrators can’t agree on what to put on a product page. They end up cluttering it with recommendations, reviews, descriptions, etc. Stick to the basics. Showcase the product first and foremost. The other things can be included, too, but make sure that they are far below the page so that they don’t interfere with the central message: buy me.

Clear Calls-to-action

Make the CTA buttons such as “add to cart” and “proceed to checkout” very clear. Web visitors are programmed to look for these buttons. Make them highly visible and consistent. The customers should not be confused about what to do. The buttons should be placed on the same spot for all the product pages.

Use High-quality Images and Videos

man editing his websiteMany startups are unwilling to invest in creating quality images for their websites. The cost of freelance and professional photography is enough to discourage business owners from going for it. But quality photos and videos are the most important elements of an eCommerce website. People trust a website more when there are large and crisp photos of the products. These also encourage them to share the pages with their network.

Make the Pages Load Faster

Remember that your page has only about five seconds to load. After that, most web visitors will grow impatient and leave your web page. Lagging pages kill conversions. Your product page doesn’t need to be overly designed. It just needs the right product images and information to boost conversions.

Concise and Relevant Copy

Your product image cannot stand alone. It needs the basics: price, shipping information, size guide, availability, colors, and more. You can offer a short description of the product and add a “read more” for those who want to dive deeper into why they need the product. It also helps if the information is in bullet form. That makes the information easier for web visitors to digest.

Product pages are the be-all and end-all of your eCommerce site. This is the last place that your web visitors will be on before they proceed to checkout or click the exit button. They have made it this far on your site. It takes them a couple of clicks at least from your homepage. Do not waste that opportunity by having a poorly designed product page.

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