The Design Trends in Co-Working Spaces

Employees in an open plan office

Creating a healthy shared workplace environment requires more than having unique and customized furniture pieces. You need to think about the occupants and how they will use each shared space based on their tasks.

We have now reached an era where people spend most of their time in front of their screens. Most of the tasks that we do require us to look at monitors all day. But things will soon change. Office spaces will focus less on screens but on how people interact with their environment.

Most companies are now considering shared spaces to adapt to the emerging trend. With businesses switching to flexible hours, shared workspaces will only continue to grow.

If you are one of the businesses considering these spaces, then it is best to read on. To help you find the right design approach, here are the latest design trends to review this 2019.

Design based on data

Designing workspaces is not only about choosing the most beautiful pieces of furniture. You need to use various design methodologies to know which ones will suit your needs. Using this data will help you get the right insight to know the ideal workplace environment for your business.

Nowadays, various co-working spaces use data for their layout. They come up with designs that aim to boost employees’ motivation, enthusiasm and productivity at work.

Design that provides better flexibility

Modern industrial officeOne of the most crucial factors that you need to consider when looking for an ideal co-working space is its entire layout. A shared workspace should have a fluid floor layout that can cater to businesses’ various demands.

Remember that companies change from time to time. They can expand, contract or even change the way they do their work. These factors can impact the way they use the space.

Technology, construction and design methodologies need to work as one to create a conducive design. Office furniture suppliers in Salt Lake City are also finding ways to incorporate smart designs to their furniture pieces. Incorporating multifunctional designs can reconfigure a room in just a few minutes.

Design that promotes holistic well-being and growth

An ideal co-working space should also have a healthy environment that promotes mental and physical wellness. Consider how they use lighting to bring vibrancy and positivity in the workplace. You should also look for spaces that bring a lot of outdoor aesthetics to the design.

One way to find out is if they are incorporating several indoor plants to their layout. Having art pieces on the walls can also give it a unique feel and can even be high outlets for designers to collaborate.

These are only a few of the latest design trends that you need to consider this year. You should find a co-working space that will work well with your needs. Moreover, it must have the right design that is flexible enough to meet any changes that come with your business. Look for a space that has a human-centered design, so your employees feel more motivated to work.

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