The Surprising Secret to Building a Workplace with Productivity in Mind

Colleagues giving each other high fives

When it comes to workplaces in Australia, plenty of improvements have already been done, but there is still a lot to be desired. Done without employee comfort in mind, a young entrepreneur’s take on workplace design may be refreshing yet still limiting. And when the workplace stifles creativity, it is hardly fair to expect employees to churn out groundbreaking ideas on the daily.

No one benefits more than the company when employees are in a good mood in the workplace. With that in mind, take a look at these possible ways to improve your workplace:

Designate ‘Work’ and ‘Play’ Areas

Before you raise your eyebrows and protest that the workplace should be strictly for work, turn to the innovative and quirky way Google designed their headquarters. A giant slide hardly screams ‘work’, but the tech giant is one of the most innovative companies of today. And take note: the founders of that company may be around your age. Adding architectural staircases with a little artistry mixed into what could just be a boring but functional way to get from one level to another is hardly ruining your company’s work reputation. However, it will improve your friendliness to employees if you give them dedicated spaces where they can rest and recharge. The separation of ‘work’ and ‘play’ areas is recommended so that people know when they are supposed to be working but at the same time, they will know how to respect someone else’s break time.

Have a Healthy Mix

A company with diverse employeesAustralia is a diverse continent, and your workplace can reflect this diversity by hiring those who are qualified for the job regardless of their race or gender. More than that, you can also encourage collaboration among different age groups in the company, to teach them how to work with those outside their comfort zone. Your workplace is more than just a place where everyone collectively signs in to work and leaves individually at the end of the day. It can be a place where they meet lifelong friends, but only if you give them opportunities to mingle. Mixers and holidays that allow different departments to get to know one another is a fun way to start.

Be Approachable

You are at the helm of the company, which means consciously or not, employees look to you for guidance. They will pattern their behaviour on how they think you want them to act. Even their clothing choices may mirror yours. How is this beneficial? It gives them a more heartfelt approval than anything you can ever express in words. Wear a casual shirt to work and you’re indirectly showing them it’s okay for them to embrace who they are and that the company will embrace them, too. Show that professionalism is a valued trait in the company by responding to difficult situations calmly and with an open mind. Throw a tantrum in their presence and you will be relaying the message that the company is not one for professionals.

The perfect workplace may not exist, but there are several ways for you to improve the state of your office. Embody the changes and make sure they benefit employees in a positive and productive way.

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