The Basics of Keeping Your Computer Set Up Spotless


A solid desktop build can be the hub you need for work, streaming, or gaming. But no matter what you primarily use it for, a clean space is required to make sure your system is running smoothly and will continue to perform well. When it comes to maintenance and keeping up your computer, it doesn’t take a tech genius, and these easy steps are what you need for regular usage.

Get rid of dust and crumbs

These are notorious for not only making a desktop area look messy and a little gross but also affecting the performance of the system itself. The build-up in your CPU can cause it to be less efficient at distributing air, making everything inside more prone to reaching high temperatures that can spell problems. Even when your keyboards and other peripherals get dusty, and worse, get crumbs stuck in the nooks and crannies, it can hinder your button presses and key functions.

Simply by getting yourself some microfiber rags and consistently wiping down your external gear, you can prevent build-up and ensure that you have a nice, clean workspace all the time. Microfiber can effectively capture dust because the material mainly causes small particles to adhere to it. This option is a quick and easy method that doesn’t require the risk of using any liquids and isn’t abrasive, so it won’t damage your stuff.

For internal cleaning, have a can of compressed air handy nearby and open up your CPU while it’s switched off.

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Declutter your rig

It’s harder to be productive if your area is overpacked with unnecessary items and contains a tangled mess of wires and cables. Take some time to declutter. You’ll find that this is a great combatant against dust build-up and can be even better for managing the airflow in the area, which can be vital for temperature control of your desktop.

One of the simplest things you can do is take note of all items that aren’t connected to your PC, and consider whether they need to be on your desk. Then, get into some proper cable management. Though some people think this mostly as an aesthetic adjustment, it’s also essential for ease of access. Wires that are snaked around each other and twisted about can be more susceptible to damage and getting pulled accidentally. It’s also harder for anyone to find the cable they need when it comes down to it. Externally, making use of zip ties or cord organizers is enough.

Maintain your software

Of course, keeping your system clean and efficient also means keeping everything in order “inside,” with your software maintenance. Though decluttering unused apps is also important for a fast running system, the most crucial task you need to do is update your software. That means your OS, as well as the applications you use. Doing this allows your system to be the most optimized version it can be and gets rid of bugs while protecting your drives against viruses and hardware failure. Many apps come with auto-update features, as do basic installations of Windows and macOS. Doing a regular scan is still advisable to ensure peak performance.

With these easy-to-follow steps, your rig won’t have to work so hard to run smoothly. You can also have an area that will be conducive to its particular purpose.

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