Rental Business: Is It Worth Beginning and Managing?

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A rental business is a venture where a property owner gets to produce income from their property. A person venturing may have one or more properties that they can lease for a monthly fee. When other property owners do not want to directly manage their property, they can always hire a property management company. This company will take care of the collection of rent and property maintenance.

Why you should start a rental business

There are different benefits to starting a rental business or even just renting out a single property. Some of its benefits include property appreciation, mortgage reduction, tax deduction, and increased cash flow.

Property appreciation

Appreciation is the increase of a property’s value over time; appreciation is an indicator that an investment is performing well. To ensure a property’s appreciation, an owner must keep it for seven to ten years. Keeping a property occupied by renters is an excellent way to wait for it to appreciate while earning additional income.

Mortgage reduction

Some people who have the capital do this strategy: they acquire properties that are not yet fully paid, they rent them out, and this rental fee is what they pay for the mortgage. It’s a wise investment. They get to have a property of their own, and they do not even have to pay for the entire mortgage. This is a good choice for people who already have their own homes and want to expand their properties.

Tax deductions

A property owner’s tax deductions depend on the type of investor they want to be identified by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). The basic types of investors are passive, active, and real estate professionals.

Passive investors can only deduct losses against passive income. Active investors, on the other hand, qualify for an annual 25,000 dollars deductible loss. Meanwhile, real estate professionals can deduct from any income, given that this individual primarily works for real estate; specifically, this person must spend at least 750 hours annually on real estate work to be considered a professional.

Tax deductibles can be taken from expenses such as property taxes, travel, communication, maintenance, and repair, as well as home and office supplies. If a person officially becomes a real estate professional, they can include more tax deductibles on the list.


Lastly, the goal of venturing into any form of business is to gain income. To gain income, a property owner must observe a positive cash flow. This means that the owner must earn more than they are spending on a property.

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Starting a rental business

Forbes says that it’s possible to start a rental business without a property. Some people rent a property for around six months and use this property to host short-term stays. For some, venturing on short-term rentals is more beneficial than long-term because they earn more in a short period.

If a property owner decides to rent their property out to these people, they must ensure that the renter covers all risks. Just as contacting an for a condo owner’s protection is essential, a renter planning to host a property should cover the liability insurance for the property. At the same time, this renter must promise to cover minor damages and take care of advertisement and guest management while renting the property.

For those starting a rental business from scratch, there are some steps that they can follow in drafting a successful business plan.

Joining an investor club

If you want to be involved in real estate, joining a club or association may be a good idea. By doing so, you can meet people who can give business ideas regarding a rental business.

Location dictates a property’s success

There’s nothing more important in a rental property than location. One can easily renovate or remodel a property, but it will be hard, rather impossible, to move a unit from one location to another. Hence, when thinking of purchasing a property for a rental business, choose one that is at a premium location.

Of course, purchasing a property in a prime area comes with a price, but it is always worth the investment. Remember the concept of appreciation? A good location spells positive appreciation for a property.

Do sufficient research 

Entering any business is a big deal. Therefore, doing thorough research is crucial. The research covers all aspects of a rental company, including searching for the right location, correct pricing, and the possible expenses in owning a rental property entail. By having enough information, one can formulate a good business plan that will most likely succeed.

Starting a business, even a rental one, shouldn’t be daunting or complicated. If you are aware of the correct information, you can prepare for a successful venture.

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