Preparing to Fly Solo: Tips to Enjoy the Destination

Solo travel

Although it is expensive, traveling is one of the greatest privileges in life. Breathing in a different kind of air. Eating food the country is most known for. Exploring different sceneries of famous tourist spots. At the end of the trip, it’s the experience and learning the culture that matters most.

Traveling alone is a great avenue to reflect and refresh the mind. Many would feel hopeful and as bright as tow truck lights after seeing another part of the world. But a love-hate relationship exists in traveling alone as there are prevailing concerns on loneliness and safety. Expedia, an American online travel shopping company, conducted a separate online survey with more than 2,500 respondents. The company discovered that 60% of travelers are planning to fly solo two years from now. But before enjoying the destination, thorough preparations are needed.

1. A detailed itinerary on the places to visit

All travels require an itinerary but when traveling solo, the itinerary needs to be more detailed. Doing research about the places to visit is a must. Type down every possible information about the place – from studying how to get there via private or public transportation to checking the weather of the day. Aside from famous tourist spots, places are better to visit when they’re recommended by previous travelers. Reading both positive and negative reviews will help in determining whether to keep it in the itinerary.  After researching, it’s essential to organize the places to visit each day. It’s best to visit places when they are near each other’s locations. Family and close friends should also have a final copy of the itinerary to track one’s whereabouts.

2. Pack lightly

Since traveling solo is a more different experience, packing lightly is a good idea to consider, especially if one will move from one place to another every night. This is the most difficult part of when preparing for a trip but packing lightly basically means packing only the essentials and enough clothes for the whole trip. Keep spare clothing as well. The extra space in the luggage is saved for the souvenirs or memorabilia. For immediate access, it’s advisable to carry a separate bag where all the important items are placed, i.e. passport, wallet, mobile phone, and other gadgets.

3. Bring a notebook and pen

Travel notebook

Lastly, included in the carry-on bag is a notebook and a pen. Traveling alone means being responsible for how he or she wishes to spend time. In between breaks, make it a habit to document about the places to visit. Write observations on the surroundings. Attempt to draw the current view. Basically, jot down anything to remember the places. In case of emergencies, a notebook and pen would come in handy to write information and communicate with locals, especially since they are speaking in another language.

While it’s not for everyone, traveling solo is a great opportunity to clear one’s head and appreciate the beauty of life more. It’s also a chance for one to plan and better understand the current situation of his or her life because they have the time to think. The three tips discussed above should be able to benefit current and future solo travelers.

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