Getting Clients for Your Dental Clinic with Smart Marketing

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Many loathe going to the dentist’s office for understandable reasons. People usually only come in when they are experiencing issues with their teeth, which is why they associate a visit to the dentist’s office with discomfort.

When you start your dental practice, you need to grow awareness of your clinic and reach out to potential clients. But how do you work against people’s aversion to the dentist? And how do you make your name known amongst existing dental clinics that already have an established consumer base?

The internet is a powerful tool that gives you the opportunity to establish your name amongst new clients. We have some great ideas on how you can market your dental clinic to various customers, whether they are kids in need of braces or adults seeking to get tooth implants.

Practices to Build Your Clinic’s Customer Base

Basic marketing practices tailored to your clinic can lead you to success. These are our top suggestions.

  1. Create and build up a cohesive brand

A dental clinic is a dental clinic—what else kind of branding could it possibly need? More than you may realize. How you brand your clinic establishes what kind of customers you seek to attract. Are you more an upscale place that caters to a wealthier clientele, or are you a family-friendly clinic that seeks to serve regular people from the neighborhood? This is just one of the major ways that branding affects your practice.

Support the thrust of your business with a name and logo that reflect your values. Add a tagline, too, that further builds on the identity of your dental clinic. These elements must all come together to form a cohesive picture of who your clinic is, what it hopes to accomplish, and whom it hopes to serve.

  1. Have special opening promos and various offers

When you have a newly opened clinic, generate buzz early on by promoting big discounts and special bundles available for a limited period. Nothing motivates consumers like the idea of getting something for a bargain. Offer services for a discounted price in your first couple of weeks to give patients a glimpse of how you do treatments.

To encourage patients to come back after their first visit, offer optional services for a lower fee afterward. Of course, you cannot recommend procedures that are unnecessary for patients but remind them to take regular checkups and cleanings by providing a loyalty card that they can use to redeem certain rewards for regular visits.

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  1. Establish your online presence

The battlefield is also largely online. Promote your dental clinic by setting up a website and social media pages for your business. Make sure that across all of these channels, your clinic has the same name and default photo so that it is easier to find.

Make your website simple and professional but reflective of your brand identity. Include your clinic’s office hours and background information about the practicing dentist or dentists to assure visitors of your expertise even before they come to your clinic.

Use your online platforms, too, to spread important information about going to the dentist. Debunk myths about certain dental procedures and share the benefits of good oral health. These kinds of posts do not only inform but also speak of your credibility.

  1. Target your ads to the right audience

Take advantage of the ad features on your social media channels, too. If you are promoting wisdom tooth treatments in your recent post, for example, boost it and target young professionals, as they are typically the ones who need such procedures. Then, if you are promoting braces and tooth decay treatments for children, target parents who ultimately make the decision to bring their kids to the dentist.

Many businesses make the mistake of not choosing who they promote specific posts to. This means money is spent without getting any returns. When you target posts to the right crowd, you can capture new customers.

  1. Reach out through word of mouth

Do not underestimate the good old practice of word of mouth. When your business is still in its earliest stages, it is usually the people closest to you who are most supportive of it. Tell them about your new clinic, invite them to come in, and encourage them to promote your services to people they know.

Young dental clinics also need the support of people around them to succeed. This, combined with practical offline and online marketing efforts, can lead your new dental practice to thrive and succeed.

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