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doctor showing x-ray

You might be thinking that all it will take to reap the profits currently enjoyed by everyone in the medical or dental sector is by setting up a clinic. Various elements, however, will work together to boost your earnings. One of these is making the right diagnoses to make sure you provide proper treatments to your clients. Making the appropriate diagnosis takes more than just looking into the signs a patient will give.

Among the dental and medical equipment that should not be missing in your practice is a scanning machine. There are different types of scanning machines used in medical care for both therapeutic and diagnostic methods. The following are the must-have types of scans that will suffice for all medical or dental practice.

Ultrasound Scan

This is among the safest types of medical imaging used in a broad range of applications. An ultrasound machine will generate sound waves instead of the ionizing radiation in other scans. These high-frequency sound waves will be transmitted from a probe to your client’s body via a conducting gel which will bounce back once they hit an organ. They will then generate images for diagnosis. There exists a Doppler ultrasound which uses sound waves to visualize the blood flow through veins and arteries.

X-Ray Scan

This is the oldest form of medical scanning. X-rays use a type of electromagnetic radiation. They work on a frequency and wavelength which penetrate the skin to generate pictures of what is under the skin. X-rays are low cost and relatively easy and quick for your patients. You might be apprehensive about the risk of radiation with X-rays, but this can be minimized if you correctly shield the body. X-ray scanning is generally used for visualizing the teeth and skeletal structure.

Computerized Tomography Scanning

This is a type of X-ray which generates a 3D image of internal organs and produces cross-sectional images of body structures. CT scanners have a large circular opening through which a patient will enter to lie on a motorized table. The X-ray detector and source will rotate around a patient and produce a narrow, fan-shaped beam. This small beam will create snapshots, which will then be collated to generate one image of your clients’ tissues and body organs.

MRI Scan

MRI Scan

This is used to generate diagnostic images without the use of harmful radiation. MRI scanning uses strong radio waves and a magnetic field to create body images which would not ordinarily be seen on CT and x-ray scans. This type of scanning will enable doctors to view the interior ligaments and joints and can be used for the diagnosis of tumours and the internal functioning of body organs. However, you should have the patient remove all metal implants before the scan since they can be heated in the magnetic field and cause various issues.

There are different cost-cutting methods when starting a business. But, choosing to cut back on the expenses of operating, maintaining or buying the above machine is not the best choice for any medical practice. Make sure you get the latest equipment for your training for optimal results.

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