Critical Things That You Should Know About Your Building Contractor

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Some renovation and building projects are flawless that it almost seems surreal. Some are laden with problems and headaches. It all depends on the building contractor—how they work, their experience in handling challenges, and whether their visions align with yours.

The first thing that you need to know about your building contractor is how skilled their team is in handling different building requirements such as electrical wiring, plumbing, installing a stainless steel press fit system, masonry, and finishing. A building contractor must be an expert in every component of the construction project. This is the most important thing that you need to look for in a contractor.

But here’s another thing that you need to ask yourself: Do you have time for this? Do you have time to do this? If you are going to personally handle the construction project, you might have to take a leave from work. If the work is too valuable to leave behind, you have to assign someone else to make the right calls for the project. You can’t leave everything to your contractor. Your contractor may be the best in the industry, but it is wise to visit the site from time to time and communicate with the workers about possible problems that they may encounter.

Here are the other things that you need to know when searching for and working with building contractors:

Their Vision for the Project

There are three things that clients expect from a building contractor: the quality of work, timeliness of the project’s completion, and the affordability of the project. While you can get all three, that usually means that you’ll have to shell out a bigger fee. Some clients expect to see a building worthy of being in a museum when all they want to pay for is the price for a small bungalow.

Remember that building contracts are 50% materials and 50% labour. If you want quality materials, you should be ready with your budget. Your vision should be aligned with your budget and the quality of work that the contractor can assure you with.

Their Liabilities When the Project Isn’t Completed

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Having work done in your office or your residence means that you have to move to another house or office building temporarily. No one can live or work in a place swarming with workers. That also means that you want the project to finish as soon as possible because you want to go back to your normal routine. The contract should stipulate the timeline of the project. You should set a deadline for when everything should be finished. Probably one of the most important stipulations in your contract is the liability that your contractor will shoulder if the project isn’t finished on time.

Their License to Do the Project

When you see the word “licensed” on your contractor’s truck or in their business card, what do you think it means? There are two general licenses that any contractor should have: a business license and a contractor’s license. These two are very different. A business license is obtained for a contractor to have the right to do business in that particular area. A contractor’s license means that the contractor is permitted to do the work you need in your house or office building.

Believe it or not, but some people still hire unlicensed contractors, who depend only on their acquired skills, because they are cheaper. This is illegal in many states. Most states have different levels for a contractor’s license. Maryland, for example, has A, B, and C categories for a contractor’s license. The categories depend on the amount of the contract the contractors can sign up for. Some contractors are not allowed to go over the $100,000 mark unless they are in the Class A or Class B category.

Always be on the lookout for contractors who are trying to hoodwink you into paying for more than the value of their work. Do thorough research of every construction firm before you decide on whom to hire. You may also ask recommendations from your friends, especially those who have worked with contractors recently.

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