A Gentleman’s Guide to Charity, Partying, and Everyday Living


The entire world loves a gentleman, but time, technology, and culture don’t always present opportunities for a well-mannered man of the modern age. There are many pretenders to such an honourable and classy title, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be one. How does one become a gentleman, regardless of their age, social standing, and education?

They Are Kind and Charitable

A man is remembered not only by their great deeds but also by their gentle words and kind acts. They are capable of helping others in their grief, assisting a friend in finding prepaid funeral plan companies, or even helping them cope with the loss. There is no unkind or rude gentleman. He practices awareness and is polite to even the humblest and lowest of the working class.

They Are Gracious Hosts

When a gentleman invites people to their home or to a party, they provide generous entertainment besides food and drinks. When you’re throwing a party, you would want to feel that everyone is treated well and enjoys their stay. That’s where your grace and humour come in handy because you can talk to everyone present and make them feel at home, at least until the end of the celebration. After the party, it’s always good to announce your thanks online or, even better, write them a letter showing appreciation for their presence.

They Are Generous Guests

house party

On the other hand, if you’re the one invited to a home or a get-together, you always want to show up with a small token of thanks. If the host talks to you, you can remark politely about the food, the environment, and the guests. If your host is busy, find the right time to approach them and show some gratitude for the invitation. Also, it should still be said that if they offer alcohol, try not to get drunk. Just like a gracious host, you should thank them online, with a phone call, or a letter.

Nothing Fazes Them

A true gentleman practises calmness and self-control in as many stressful situations as possible. That doesn’t mean they don’t get angry, grieved, or upset about certain problems. It just means that they’re able to hold on to their more delicate egos and not be too aggressive or confrontational. If they ever get into an argument, they will hold out for as long as they can because they know it’s going to go online.

They Defend Others

A gentleman is also quick to defend the rights and needs of others. Without much hesitation, a true gentleman can protect the honour of friends, strangers, and even people they don’t like when they see that these people are at a disadvantage. They will speak out against injustice and show impartiality when their judgment is needed.

No matter your rank in life or your achievements in school, becoming a gentleman is a feat that anyone can achieve. It goes beyond fashion and classiness and can be seen through kindness, charity, courage, and sincerity. Practice your manners and attitude whenever possible, and you’ll be well remembered as a man of good standing.

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