Better Ways to Live with Petroleum Products

petroleum pouring

Fuel is now part of our daily lives, whether it is in the form of wood, coal or petroleum. It involves a lot of hazards because the majority of this fuel is flammable. Proper handling of petroleum products can avert the inherent dangers associated with them.

Fire-related Hazards

One of the primary dangers of any petroleum product is its flammability. Petrol and diesel emit dangerous vapors that can be toxic and flammable. Those who deal with petrol and diesel often need personal protective equipment to prevent toxic fumes from affecting the body.

It is very crucial to create a storage system that seals these products in airtight diesel tanks. These tanks prevent the seepage of fumes that can be toxic to people. Activities that could ignite a spark is not allowed. In gas stations, smoking near the vicinity of the refueling area is banned. Vehicles and even mobile phones are encouraged not to start all ignition sources.

Environmental Damage

Petroleum fuel can have enormous consequences on the environment. Leaks and spillage from ships transporting oil can affect the environment and cause animals to die due to aeration inhibition.

Companies that transport oil from the Middle East need to have their transport tanks and spillage equipment included onboard as part of their protective gear. The crew should also regularly check for corrosion or leakage. Make sure you have spill mats and other safety equipment that will control the oil spill.

Human Health

Petroleum products can produce by-products that can affect human health. These include toluene, a colourless liquid that could affect the nervous system when inhaled. Some minor symptoms include headaches and dizziness, but victims could also exhibit impaired visual and aural cognition that may become permanent when exposure is regularly repeated.

When a woman is pregnant and exposed to toluene, the baby could come out with a toluene addiction issue, and even mental retardation. If you suspect that you or someone in your family inhaled toluene, it’s best to seek your doctor’s advice.

Leaded petroleum products are especially lethal due to the presence of the heavy metal. Contacting such fuel for a long can cause adverse effects on your skin. It is advisable to be in proper gears like gumboots, aprons and gas mask when handling fuel.

This will prevent direct exposure in case of spillage. In case an attendant ingests fuel, do not attempt to make the victim vomit. The victim should be taken to a hospital for professional consultation and treatment. The nervous system can be jeopardized by swallowing petroleum products hence the need for your victim to be checked by a doctor.


Fuel tank storage

You should store excess fuel correctly and in the right containers. Diesel should be stored in a diesel tank that has been approved by and labeled to avoid confusing your workers.

Static Electricity

Flammable liquid has the potential of producing static charges. This is when fuel is flowing on different storage vessels. When the fuel is discharged through the metallic nozzles of the fuel filler, friction and heat could ignite the fuel. Upon discharging, static electricity produces sparks, which could cause a fire if it ignites the fuel vapor.

The Takeaway

Daily exposure and use of petroleum products increases the chances of developing an article that meets the standards. Always follow safety precautions when using petroleum products if they want to protect their family.

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