Thrilling Ventures: 5 Business Ideas for Adventure Lovers

adventure lovers

Let’s face it—after this pandemic, we all must be pretty sick of being inside. With everyone wanting to go outside of their house and enjoy the great outdoors again, there could be a lucrative business opportunity there. If you yourself love the outdoors, then that’s even better!

Here are five great business ideas for every adventure lover and anyone looking to take advantage of the season.

Hiking Guide

If you live somewhere with scenic mountains or forests and love hiking through them, you can definitely become a hiking guide. However, this business isn’t as simple as just showing people the proper trails and walking them through them. You need some certifications for first aid, rescue, and general outdoor education programs. But if you love to hike and have experience in it, it shouldn’t be too difficult to obtain all these requirements. This business is especially fruitful during peak seasons, like spring and fall. For anyone who loves the outdoors, especially, you’ll find no greater joy than getting to turn something you love doing into something that you get paid for as well.

As with most businesses, you’ll need to secure the proper permits before you can start taking customers, as well as get all the appropriate gear and train all your employees. Try finding a location that has less competition from other hiking guides but still gets a considerable amount of hikers or campers. That way, you can make sure that you get a steady flow of customers without having to worry about losing them to the competition. It might also be best to start out small, maybe with only two or three guides, before working your way up.

Car and Van Rentals

If you’re more of the road trip kind of outdoors person, then you can start a car or van rental service for people looking to get away for the weekend or longer. You can even hire drivers to go with the rentals, especially if your clients are unfamiliar with the destination or the way to get there. Car and van rentals are profitable all year round and are helpful not just for road trips. If you love long drives and getting to see new places, then having a rental business is for you. And why stop at cars and vans? You can even rent out other modes of transportation, like bicycles or what you have.

Of course, you obviously need to get a considerable supply of vehicles to get started, as well as a garage to store them in. You’ll also need to hire drivers, mechanics and a manager or two to keep track of your schedules and clients. If you want to reach a wider audience, you can set up an online site for your business where interested clients can book your services for a number of days and pay entirely digitally.

Shooting Range

A shooting range is perfect for people who want to try their hand at hunting or general firearm training. It provides a safe and controlled environment where people can practice using a firearm safely and can give valuable training to people looking to get into hunting or in a line of industry that requires the usage of firearms, such as police or the military. A shooting range can potentially give you a considerable return on investment if you can partner up with your local police force or military camp and provide them a place where they can conduct their training.

As with all of these, you’ll need to secure the necessary permits and licenses to carry firearms, which vary by state, as well as obtain certifications stating that you’re qualified to be teaching or training with firearms. Additionally, you’ll need someone to create an indoor firing range design plan for you and ensure that the building you use, its location, and all your equipment pass a general safety check.

shooting range business

Canoe and Kayak Tours

If you’re looking for a more seasonal business, then having a canoe and kayak rental and tour business on the side can be very profitable when the season’s right for it. You might even be able to run it all-year round if you’re lucky and if the increased interest and demand keep up. If you have experience with kayaking, you can even be a tour guide or an instructor to more inexperienced clients.

Before you get started, you need to decide on a location and main area of operations and secure all the proper equipment and permits. Take note that depending on how much this equipment is being used, you might need to replace them frequently, so be ready for that when deciding your budget.

Ski Rentals and Lessons

And speaking of seasonal businesses, if you love going out once it gets colder, then becoming a ski instructor can be perfect for you. You get to teach more people and get them into skiing and you get to hit the slopes yourself every day. The winter sports industry has always been one of the most lucrative recreational industries, and you can expect never to run out of clients for at least five months once you’ve built up a loyal customer base.

As always, be sure to secure all the necessary permits and certifications and the right equipment. You also want to find a good location, ideally with less competition and more interested customers.

Final Thoughts

For any lover of nature and the outdoors, there’s sure to be a way to monetize your hobby and get paid to do what you love. Try these business ideas out yourself and see if you can make some extra money out of your hobby.

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