Your Quick Guide to Dealing with Windfalls

Person holding stashes of money

Receiving windfalls may feel like receiving some blessings; they are unexpected, and they may drive you to uncontrollable excitement. However, you ought to calm down. It is normal to feel excited, but you need to make sure that your rational self is stronger.

You may receive windfalls from inheritance, lottery, or even in the forms of bonuses and big commissions. And upon receiving, you may already be drawing plans in your head. Take some time to validate and gauge if the plans you are drawing are actually feasible and actionable.

There may even be occasions when you feel like just keeping your windfalls, as you are being overwhelmed by the sudden fortune. That is quite a sane and reasonable action, but you need to do something to maximize it as soon as possible.

Got no idea what to do with it? Here are some of the pointers you may want to keep in mind.

Pay your mortgage

Paying mortgage is one of the most financially demanding aspects of being an adult. Monthly payments can be difficult, especially if you are dealing with other financial obligations. With a new source of cash, you may choose to use it to pay your monthly mortgage.

Or better yet, you may choose to pay the principal so that you will be able to reduce your monthly payments and lower interest rates. You can even use it to pay off your FHA loan in Chandler.


Businessmen checking stock trendsYou could choose to park your windfall in the bank, but if you are looking to make your money work for you, you may want to invest. When it comes to this, you need to invest in things that you actually know; otherwise, you get more risks.

In this regard, you may choose to invest in stocks, bonds, and similar equities. Mutual funds also make good an investment choice. There are many institutions and companies that seek to help clients manage their finances and offer investment packages. Before you invest, you should know your risk appetite.

Start a business

Maybe you have been brewing a business idea in mind for some time, and all you need is a fund. Now that you have the means, you may continue pursuing your business. Just make sure that you have a solid plan to get your return on investment (ROI).

Do not use all your funds; set aside some money that you can use for other purposes. The remaining money may even become your contingency funds.

There will surely be an occasion where you will feel restless about what you should do with your windfall. Again, you need to remind yourself to calm down. It is a light problem that will always have a solution.

In this case, it is necessary to find someone reliable to help you: a financial adviser. They will help you create a financial roadmap that will guide you through your decisions. You may also need to seek the support of your family, as they will help you become more rational.

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