Six Best Educational Games to Stimulate Toddlers

toddlers playing

Kids are like sponges because as they grow, they’re always absorbing new things, especially little ones between the ages of one and three. Unfortunately, in today’s modern world, more parents are now choosing to provide gadgets to their children than physically playing interactive games with them because it’s more convenient. Even though these gadgets do help them learn, giving your little ones too much screen time can lead to several health issues, including insomnia, attention problems, anxiety, depression, and obesity.

While providing them with quirky and educational toys for kids and toddlers is an excellent alternative to gadgets and a great way to let them have fun while learning. Nothing kick-offs playtime better than playing and spending time with mommy and daddy.

The right games can boost your child’s physical, emotional, and cognitive skills, so get your little one started with one of these classic games:

Walk the Plank

You can build a makeshift pirate ship plank by placing a plank of wood on top of bricks. Let your child get from one end of the plank to the other without falling off, and encourage them further by giving them a prize when they do it successfully. This game promotes their balance and gross motor skills. If you have a very young child, you can help by holding their hands.

Simon Says

This classic game teaches children how to follow instructions. The rules are simple, if you’re Simon, what you say the players must do it. You can call out commands such as ‘Simon says, touch your elbows!’ and your child must follow it. Ensure that you put in play funny commands like doing silly dances or wiggling your ears to allow your child to have even more fun. It’s a great game that teaches your little ones to name their body parts and be attentive.

Hide and Seek

hiding toddler

Who doesn’t love a game of hiding and go seek? It can teach your little ones problem-solving skills by hiding from them! Or you can hide a specific item, such as a sweet treat, and encourage them to find it and let them keep it as a reward.

Treasure Hunt

This game is popular during Easter as adults place little eggs filled with goodies around their backyard or house for the little ones to find. You can plant fun small toys, treats, and trinkets around the yard and get your child to go out, find them, and keep it for themselves. It allows your child to be more physical and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors once in a while. Be sure to keep an eye on them throughout the game.

Complete a Puzzle

Puzzles are an excellent game for children because they can cover all the primary skills. These include physical skills where they can get when they make the pieces fit, cognitive skills when they’re trying to solve the puzzle, and emotional skills from learning how to be patient when putting the pieces together. You can help them now and then, but it’s better to let them solve it independently.

Obstacle Course

Set up a small and safe course in your living room or backyard for your child to explore. It promotes gross motor skills, balance, and coordination in a fun and exciting way. If you have space, make it big enough to let your kid jump, roll, and run around for the ultimate enjoyment. ;

Eliminate screen time and replace it with fun and memorable classic games. It boosts your little one’s skills, allowing them to enjoy, learn, and make lifetime memories.

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