Four Ways to Retain More Patients in Your Dental Clinic

A dentist, his staff, and his patient in his clinic

The dental industry in the United States is one of the largest in the world. The industry itself is worth over $100 billion. The average pay of dentists is around $180,000, higher than some doctors in the medical industry. It’s one of the main reasons why so many people are flocking to this profession.

There’s a growing amount of dentists in the country. Currently, there are 201,000 dentists in the country. Although that’s only 61 dentists per 100,000 people, it’s already competitive industry. In order to stay afloat and be successful in this industry, you need to find ways to retain patients in your dental clinic.

Here are five ways you can do that:

Offer a variety of services

The first way you can retain more patients in your clinic is by offering various services. This way, patients know they can come to you for their dental needs. They won’t have to go to different clinics for different procedures. Here are a couple of unique services you should offer in your clinic.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a growing trend in the dental industry. It’s a type of dentistry where patients are given medication to help them relax during their procedure. It’s perfect for patients with anxiety or fear when it comes to the dentist. It’s also great for patients who have sensitive teeth.

Endodontic therapy

Endodontic therapy is a dental procedure that deals with the inside of the tooth. It’s usually done when the pulp or nerve of the tooth has been damaged. This procedure can save a tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted.

Teeth restoration

Teeth restoration is a procedure where we restore your teeth to their original form and function. It’s done through the use of crowns, bridges, or implants.

These services can make your clinic stand out among others. Furthermore, they can be highly profitable while addressing your client’s needs.

A dentist reassuring her patients regarding tooth extraction

Be sensitive

Dentists aren’t trained psychologists, but they can certainly learn a thing or two about being sensitive to their patients’ needs. This is especially true when it comes to new patients. For example, they may be anxious about going to the dentist, and you need to be sensitive to that. So you must be able to control that.

There aren’t any dangerous dental procedures, and you must let them know. For example, a lot of anxiety might come from a patient regarding wisdom tooth extraction because of their unreasonable fears towards it. Explaining to them that extractions are some of the safest procedures in dentistry can help calm them down. It can also make them feel at ease if you explain the operation’s specifics.

It’s also important to be sensitive to the needs of your regular patients. They might come in for a cleaning, but they might also be going through a tough time. It’s essential to be able to offer a listening ear and show empathy when it comes to these things. If you have the time, read some psychology books regarding empathy and how to use it in your field.

Offer loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are a great way to retain patients. It’s a program where patients can earn points for every visit or procedure they have done in your clinic. Your patients can redeem these points for discounts on future visits or procedures. It was not common in dental clinics before but is becoming far more common now.

This is a great way to show your patients that you appreciate their business. It’s also a great way to incentivize them to return to your clinic.

Invest in technology

The dental industry is constantly evolving, and you need to keep up with the latest trends to retain patients. This means investing in new technology for your clinic. For example, digital x-rays are becoming more and more common in dental clinics. They’re more accurate than traditional x-rays and expose patients to less radiation.

Another type of technology that’s becoming popular in dental clinics is intraoral cameras. These small cameras are used to take pictures or videos of the inside of the mouth. They’re great for showing patients what’s going on in their mouths.

Investing in new technology shows your patients that you’re committed to providing them with the best possible care.

The Bottomline

Patient retention is often overlooked in the dental industry. However, it’s one of the most crucial metrics for success. Many factors contribute to patient retention—all of these need to be addressed if you want your patients to keep coming back.

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