Quirky Design Touches for Creating a Modern Office

conference room surrounded by nature

Suppose you can find one common thread between some of the most celebrated offices in the world. In that case, it’s this: They are quirky and fun, and the designers and business owners didn’t shy away from touches that may seem “unprofessional” to outsiders. From inundating the interiors with greenery to more out-there ideas like a rock-climbing station, no shortage of offbeat design touches can make any workspace more fun, modern, and young people-friendly.

If you find your current headquarters to be dreary, here are some quirky design ideas to instantly give it a modern and youthful touch.

Interesting dividers

Offices, more than other types of interiors, need dividers. How about giving your workplace a Brooklyn apartment feel by restoring an old garage door and having it installed as a quirky divider between two sides? You can enlist the help of a professional garage door installer or repair service and ask them to add this interesting design touch to your office instead of the typical glass or modular partition.

Biophilic design

While not necessarily quirky, biophilic design can instantly modernize your office and give your employees a mental health and productivity boost. Don’t be too intimidated by the term; biophilic design in interiors is simply the concept of connecting your office to its natural environment. This might mean skylights, floor-to-ceiling windows, and prioritizing the property’s landscaping. If your company is thinking of doing a massive headquarters overhaul, consider looking into biophilic design ideas and concepts.

Physical activities

Another design idea that truly set the Google offices apart is how they prioritized their employees’ physical health. However, a simple workout room may not be enough to get your people to move before or after work. Here are some fun design touches you can incorporate into your office to provide your team members with opportunities to stretch their muscles during a busy workday:

  • A small basketball court
  • A safe rock climbing wall
  • Retro pinball machines, puzzles, and other games
  • A game room with a pool table or a Wii
  • An escape room
  • A skateboard park
  • A well-designed and well-lit studio where your employees can take photos and be inspired
  • A dog park for their fur babies
  • A long slide

These are just some of the more non-traditional ideas for your physical fitness room. Whatever you decide, make sure the design and equipment are sturdy enough to protect anyone who ends up using it. The last thing you want is an injury in the workplace!

man working in nature

Outdoor seating area

One of the most crucial aspects of creating and designing modern spaces is outdoor living. Nothing enforced this trend more than the pandemic when many of us were forced to stay home to protect ourselves and others from the virus. Nothing reminded us of the value of fresh air and getting some sunlight more than the pandemic, and this is a trend that has spilled over towards workspaces.

If your company is privileged enough to have a yard or a rooftop, invest in it (and in your employees!) by doing some landscaping and incorporating some modern furniture pieces. Ensure flexibility by opting for modular pieces that you can rearrange and move around according to your needs.

The outdoor area can be a place where your employees can work during the day, and it can also be where you can host some office parties and gatherings. Either way, an outdoor space will undoubtedly modernize your place of work and give you and your employees an escape from whenever workdays feel a bit overwhelming and claustrophobic.

Wall art

If any of the above changes feel too out-there or above your pay grade, consider getting in touch with your local art community and asking the best artists to make murals or wall art for your office. Sprucing up your office is a wonderful excuse to reach out to your local artists and support them in their work.

Adding some color and interesting wall pieces will undoubtedly brighten up your headquarters as well. You can partner with them so that they can integrate your brand’s colors and other visual elements, and you can ask them to make art that means something to your community and inspires you and your team to do well for others.

As you design your office, don’t be afraid to steer away from the traditional. We live in abnormal times, and sometimes what we need are visual and physical cues that can remind us that it’s still OK to have fun and feel a bit of joy sometimes. Let your imagination run wild and invest in your office’s interiors.

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