The Most Underrated Qualities to Look for in Employees


Most hiring ads display the same buzzwords: The applicant must be competent, have prior experience, and be a team player. There are obvious reasons behind this. One, you want to hire people who can give you good results. Two, you don’t want to spend time and resources training a new employee. And three, they must be able to work with a team. However, some skills build a person’s character to which many people don’t pay much attention. Here are a few you should look for in potential talents:

Good Social Skills

You don’t particularly look for a friendly person to hire. As long as they can handle working in a team to deliver outstanding results, that’s all you need. However, good social skills are pretty helpful, especially in a remote work setup.

Handling a remote team is challenging, so there are remote work management programs to help you out. One problem you will encounter is the lack of rapport among team members. However, your job will be so much easier if your employees have good social skills.

A person with excellent social skills can handle small talks, establish a good relationship with teammates, and efficiently solve problems through effective communication.

Emotional Intelligence

This is a quality that also helps with team rapport. A person who can manage and understand their emotions well can avoid conflicts. Many know emotions guide decisions. When a person is emotionally intelligent, they can make better decisions.

When working in teams, a person with high emotional intelligence can understand who other people feel. They are more attuned to their environment. And they come up with solutions to problems even when under pressure.

Writing Skills

person writing

This one is a practical skill that not many people have. Writing is a basic form of expression. Sadly, many people cannot express themselves through written words. No matter what field you are in, writing well can help anyone perform their job better.

How many memes have you seen about common email content and what they mean? Those might be a joke, but it’s a jab at how much misunderstanding occurs in the workplace so frequently. If everybody in the team knows how to phrase words efficiently, the amount of time spent on the back and forth clarification will decrease.

Writing well means knowing just how much information to put in an email to avoid confusing the receiver. It also means the ability to explain something complex in an easily digestible manner. This helps so much in team meetings and presentations.


When someone is resourceful, you don’t need to spend so much time teaching them what they should do. The ideal candidate must use whatever they have to come up with something new. And a person capable of doing that is a team treasure.

Business is all about innovation, finding solutions, and fixing problems. You should hire a person who doesn’t get sidetracked by difficulties but instead focuses on working with what they have to come up with a fix.

Patience is related to resourcefulness. It takes an immense amount of patience to focus on arriving at solutions despite stressful circumstances. And that patience is the result of the belief that they can fix all kinds of problems. So if you think about it carefully, resourceful people are highly intelligent.

Every team needs intelligent problem-solvers. Always be on the lookout for these kinds of people.

Word of Honor

If you have been in the industry for quite some time, you surely have met many people who are just all talk and have no follow-through. It’s expected that in the hiring process, they put their best foot forward. But, what you should be looking for is someone who walks their talk. Sometimes, it’s easy to see through people. By judging their words, you can catch who are just making themselves look good and genuine.

Have the Same Values as You

Hiring someone means starting a relationship with them, so you should hire a person who believes the same things you do. Someone who thinks of the work that they do as valuable is a keeper. You need people who care for your business as much as you do. Hire someone who believes in the principles on which you founded your company. You will realize how light it is to work when the whole team cares for the business as much as you do.


It’s essential to look beyond competence when hiring a team. You are forming a relationship with all these people, so choose carefully.

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