Postnatal Do’s and Don’ts

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Pregnancy is such a beautiful thing. It’s a testament to the power of nature; the ability to create life and take part in its birth. To mothers everywhere, pregnancy is the greatest symbol of “motherhood.” That’s why in many cultures, the very act of delivering a child is seen as sacred.

Even in these modern times, pregnancy is still a sacred task. Of course, with a lot more knowledge to make sure that it goes successfully. That’s something that we, as modern citizens, have to thank for: that pregnancy and childbirth isn’t such the fatal procedure it was. However, it’s still beneficial to make efforts to make it as safe as possible, and in this article, we’re going to take a look at some practices to guarantee safety and comfort after the process of giving birth.

Do Give Yourself Time to Recover.

Take it slow and go at a pace that is comfortable for you, but don’t push too hard or try to do everything immediately post-delivery (or right after your C section). Your body will need some time to heal and recover as well as the baby (if it needs to come out early due to complications). You should already be taking great care of yourself by eating healthfully, exercising, avoiding alcohol, smoking, excessive caffeine, and other toxic substances, and consuming plenty of water and natural foods.

Do Wash Your Hands As Much as Possible.

This goes for the entire family as well. Handwashing is one of the most important ways to prevent pneumonia in infants. Pneumonia can happen if your child has an infection in their lungs, such as whooping cough, and sneezes or coughs get onto their hand, face, mouth, or nose. Always take safety measures when dealing with your infant, as they are very fragile.

Do Spend Time with Your Child.

You just spent nine months taking care of the child inside you, it’s okay to spend this time snuggling your child. No one will think less of you for making them feel loved and cared for at that moment, everyone will think more of you for doing such a wonderful thing for the baby you just birthed. It’s okay to be selfish for now: snuggle your child, you deserve it.

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Do Get Postnatal Care. Mothers deserve all the rest and care they can get. If possible, get a postnatal massage, yoga or pilates classes, or whatever it takes to give yourself some relief when you have a baby in tow! Get plenty of sleep and relaxation time after delivery. You will need your energy for when you start having to juggle sleeping with a newborn, and your body will thank you for it.

Do Not Force Feed Your Baby When They Are Not Hungry.

Your baby will feel uncomfortable and may refuse to eat when being force-fed food that is not needed at the moment or is not wanted by them, they may vomit as well as have a stomach ache afterward which could be very painful for them

Do Not Expect to Regain Your Strength Immediately.

The truth is, you’ll feel weak long after the delivery. You can start exercising, but it’s important to start slowly. Exercise is good for both your body and your mood. You’ll find that it helps with the pain and discomfort of labor too and that as soon as you get into shape again, you’ll be able to run around in no time at all. But the important thing here is to take it slow and don’t expect that it’ll be a quick process. You need time to recover, so don’t subject yourself to such pressures.

Do Not Panic When You Don’t Get Your Period.

There are several possible reasons for your lack of a period after pregnancy. It’s very common to experience an irregular menstrual cycle when you first start breastfeeding, but it can take up to six weeks before your cycles are completely back on track with nursing again as a normal part of your life.

Don’t Hesitate to Call Your Doctor.

When you feel like something is off, or even if you really just want to be sure, go straight to your doctor. There’s nothing wrong with being extra careful, especially during such a crucial period. Keep the number of your OB-GYN ready, and fulfill the scheduled check-ups post-delivery. This will ensure that both you and the baby will stay healthy.

Every mother wants their child to be healthy.

But it’s also important for the mother to stay in good health as well. The baby’s health is always reliant on the mother, so always make sure to pay attention to your own health as well.

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