How to Stand Out in an Overcrowded Niche

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As much as we like to think that our products and services are different and outstanding, there’s a high possibility that someone somewhere has already done it. There are millions of businesses around the world, and the tendency to have the same products or services cannot be avoided. You might sell the most innovative laser cutting and etching machine in the world, but how many other businesses are doing the same?

This doesn’t mean, though, that businesses, freelancers, and organizations should just join the sea of corporations in their niche. They have to stay competitive and stand out in their industry. Especially in an overcrowded niche, there is all the more need to set your business apart from others.

Businesses are always told that they need to stand out and be unique. But they’re not exactly taught how to. So we’re laying down the things you can do to differentiate yourself from others in your industry.

Solve a problem

The conventional marketing technique involves telling the world why your products are better than those other businesses offer. But this has become too repetitive, and consumers are sick of hearing why you’re the best in the market. Dare to be different and approach your marketing differently.

Instead of telling the world what you stand for, let them know what you stand against. Make your marketing a form of advocacy. Identify a problem consumers have and voice out how you can help solve it. This will make you more memorable and help you stand out.

Use your background to build authority

Credibility plays a crucial factor in determining the success of a business or venture. And one way to build that credibility is to leverage personal experiences and backgrounds. A successful entrepreneur, Nicholas P. Clark, was able to overtake all his competitors in the bike fitting and servicing industry through his company Pro Bike FC. How? He used his experience as a professional cyclist. Because he has been in the industry for quite some time, he has some sort of authority. People trust that he knows what he’s doing.

Experience and background are things that you should be showcasing. What have you accomplished that is related to your niche? What expertise can you offer that makes your company the ideal choice? Share your history and your brand’s story to your consumers and allow them to get to know you on a deeper level. Leverage on these to build your credibility and authority.

Improve your customer service


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Sure, you’re going to have similar products or services as other companies in the market. But one thing that will never be the same is customer experience. Companies that are consumer-centered instead of profit-centered perform financially better than their competitors by 4% to 8%.

Make your business stand out by providing your consumers with excellent service. Always ensure that they are happy with your brand to the point that they want to stay loyal and continue coming back for more. Ask them for their feedback about your products and services and find ways you can improve. At the end of the day, all products are similar. But consumers choose a brand where they feel valued and satisfied.

A successful business, freelancer, or venture is not made by fading into the background or “going with the flow” along with others in the niche. Instead, it’s made through active efforts to differentiate yourself and stand out.

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