Different Expressions of Power

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It’s not money that decides a person’s power. Money is a tool that a powerful person can use for good or evil, to achieve their goals one way or another. However, without adding money into the equation, a truly powerful individual can still assert themselves.

There are different expressions of power that doesn’t involve money, such as the following:


This is not just about neatness. A person can have a chaotic workspace and still be powerful, but they have their own system of organizing amidst the chaos. A truly powerful individual knows how to look after important documents and have a good memory when it comes to filing away papers. This is a reflection of how they are in other aspects of their life. To be powerful, one must be calculating and deliberate. They should also have a good grasp of where they keep things. They take accountability seriously, so if they handle one thing, they will see it through to the end–and remember what exactly they did for each step. Even if it’s something like window cleaning in their Lehi office, they will not forget the schedule and they will even remember the people who come in to do the job.


corporate employees meeting

Powerful people do not live in isolation; after all, it would be impossible to gain power if you were by your lonesome. It’s easy to show one’s power in the way they use their words. These are not the people who use unfamiliar terms to confuse you and make themselves seem more knowledgeable. Their power comes with the understanding that they should talk at the level of the person they are talking to. They are confident in using simple words because they know that being able to explain a subject using simple language means they have a full grasp of it.

They do not talk all the time, however. They know that sometimes, it’s more important to listen and take in what the other party is saying. A powerful person knows that they do not know everything, which is why they listen with full attention.


One might think that working endlessly makes them more powerful, but this is not the case. You know you’ve achieved true power if you can take a break from work whenever you wish. A powerful person works smart. They get their job done efficiently, and if they head a company, they make sure everything is covered if they have to go on vacation. Powerful people need vacations like everyone else, and they’re not afraid to take it because they are confident in what they have built. However, a powerful person also knows the clear line between taking much-needed breaks and neglecting the company altogether. If they know they are needed at a crucial time, they will not abandon the company without a leader.

Money is not what you should look for if you’re trying to identify powerful people. You can see their power in the way they do their job and care for others without forgetting themselves.

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