How to Design a Luxurious Outdoor Bathroom at Home


One of the biggest home trends for 2021 is biophilic design. It was already making waves before the pandemic, but it became even more of a design and lifestyle trend after COVID-19 when half of humanity was forced to stay in their homes to keep each other safe and healthy.

The whole idea behind the trend is to connect your indoor and outdoor spaces so that it feels like you’re basking under the sun. It’s also about the use of greenery and plants indoors so that occupants feel like they’re surrounded by nature 24/7. Not only is biophilic design aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also healthy for the people who occupy the home, not to mention the environment.

One way this design idea can also manifest is through an outdoor bathroom, which can help homeowners feel like they’re vacationing in a five-star resort somewhere instead of taking a bath at home.

There is something so decadent about a well-designed outdoor bathroom. Here are some tips that can help you feel like you’re vacationing in Maui:

Ensure privacy

The first thing you need to ensure when looking into building an outdoor bathroom is your privacy. The last thing you want is your neighbors being able to see you from their windows, or strangers being able to look into your outdoor bathroom from the outside. Check if your neighbors’ homes have high windows through which they can spot your yard or wherever you’re planning to build the outdoor bathroom, and consult with a reputable vinyl fence contractor that can help you build a tall privacy fence.

Make sure the foundation is firm and secure

Because bathrooms will always come with water, your foundations need to be built on solid footing and one that can bear long periods of dampness, otherwise, you risk damage or a lack of durability. It all comes down to choosing the most ideal materials for your outdoor bathroom, like timber, which is renowned for its ability to withstand drainage and grip.

Pavers are also a wonderful alternative for outdoor bathrooms because they looks-wise, they can look good in both contemporary and traditional designs, and they are also versatile enough to fit indoors and outdoors. As a material, it’s versatile enough that it can look good and last long in a variety of design styles.

Connect it with your outdoor pool

outdoor pool

If you have an outdoor pool, that’s already it only makes sense to connect an outdoor bathroom to it. The bathroom can be a place where swimmers can take a quick shower before jumping into the pool, and it’s also where they can wash off before going back into the house. An outdoor shower installation is a must for this, and you can also incorporate other value-adding installations like an outdoor spa.

An outdoor shower can also be incredibly convenient for you and your family if you love gardening since you would have a place to wash up quickly so you don’t dirty your home after a long day of working with soil.

Consider adding a spa

Speaking of spas, nothing screams luxury more than your own backyard spa. Imagine sitting on the tub surrounded by greenery and fresh air—what could be more relaxing and soothing than that? Luckily, outdoor spas are very common, so you would have plenty of inspiration to look into.

However, when it comes to tubs, positioning is important because the last thing you want is to fall asleep in the tub and find yourself sunburned. Some sun may be beneficial, but it needs to be located in a way that still provides you with some level of protection. Add some awnings over your tub, or place it by the big window instead of completely outside.

Explore new ideas and think outside the box

Biophilic design gives you the leeway to explore new design ideas because the priority is not following the principles of traditional design, but all about finding ways to find satisfaction from being outdoors. This means now is the time to play! You can explore sliding glass doors, unique styles of soaking tubs, and innovative ways to set the mood through lighting. You can also adjust your additions according to your lifestyle—if you’re in a long-term relationship, make two of everything: Shower heads, tubs sinks, and others.

If you design your house as a place of comfort, you don’t need to book rooms for one expensive getaway to feel comforted and relaxed. Invest in an outdoor bathroom and let it be the place where you can let your worries go during these uncertain times.

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