5 Challenges of SMEs Because of Poor Internet Infrastructure

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Small- and medium-sized enterprises must have high-speed internet connectivity to be able to compete in the business world. Although many factors help SMEs succeed, a simple thing like poor internet infrastructure can distinguish between failure and success. Solving these problems will give your business a fighting chance to compete with others. Still, many SMEs don’t fully realize the importance of having a stable and strong internet connection in their place of business.

Investing in reliable internet connection isn’t the job of the government alone. SMEs have a big role to play in ensuring that such investment is protected and maximized to its full potential. The efficiency, profitability, and progress of a business will also rely on the stability of the digital infrastructure under which the business falls. The need for a high-speed internet connection will continue to grow, so businesses must be ready to pour their resources into the right devices that have BAW filters for reliable and high-speed internet connectivity.


The first thing that gets affected when offices and stores lose internet connection is the employees’ productivity. This is key for any business to succeed. But if the internet connection slows down, then so will the pace of the work. Employees will lose time. Instead of doing their tasks and addressing the issues at hand, they will still need to wait for the technicians to solve the connection issues. This amount of time lost will have a huge impact on the likelihood of meeting deadlines.

Digital Infrastructure

Businesses need two things to be more efficient: cloud computing and inventory management. However, these two tools will consume an enormous amount of data. Businesses will need a stable and efficient internet connection to achieve zero interruptions. This will also maximize the potential of broadband connectivity and the online tools that depend on it. Without these important digital infrastructures, there’s a strong possibility that businesses will have less adequate performance.

Internal Communications

How do your teams communicate with each other? Even though two offices may be sitting side by side, this doesn’t mean they won’t be using office programs, cloud computing, and local networks. To keep everyone updated about the company, internal communication is critical. This happens through intranet, e-newsletter, emails, webinars, and project management tools. These, however, will become impossible to run with a weak internet connection.

The common problem that businesses encounter regarding internal communication is the contention ratio. This refers to the number of people trying to use the internet line at the same time vis-à-vis the capacity of the internet connection. One example of this is if an internal memo has been sent to the employees. If they are trying to send their responses simultaneously, then there will be a clog in the connection because of the activities.

External Communications

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Having seamless communication with the customers is also very important. Do you know that customers can change their minds if you don’t answer after an hour or so? Sending messages will only require very little bandwidth, so there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to answer inquiries immediately. Remember that customers are going to reach out to you via social media or email. It is an effective way of communicating with customers since most of them wouldn’t want to contact you via SMS or call. Many businesses use this as an opportunity to send information about promos and discounts.

Buffering Broadband

Buffering happens when the internet connection is not stable enough. The delay in the processing of data means that information will not be sent in real-time. This is evident when employees are in a video conference meeting with their clients and the video suddenly freezes. While most clients understand such occurrences, it becomes annoying when the same thing happens again and again. This will delay the meeting and any agreement that could be made.

Many businesses don’t realize that this will have a significant impact on employees. For example, they get stressed out because they have to explain to the clients and customers why the video is buffering. This results in low morale, especially if the party on the other end of the line gets disappointed.

You can solve all these issues by investing in the right infrastructure for your business’ internet connectivity. Such investment will bring all your business goals to fruition, or at the very least, it will be the start of progress for your organization. While there are still a lot of developments in the future, the important thing right now is to understand the power a stable internet connectivity yields and what it can bring to your business.

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