Car Accident: Common Types of Injuries You Need to Know

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Your car insurance doesn’t only protect your vehicle from the financial impact that arises after an accident. It also protects you from the injuries you might incur should you be involved in rollovers or collisions. It’s important that you know what injuries are covered in your policy. Hence, here are the most common types of car accident injuries that you should know if you are making a car insurance claim in Charlotte, NC.

Head and brain injuries

When you strike your head against the steering wheels, windows, or dashboards during a collision, you may incur a concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI). Head injuries can also cause skull fractures, internal bleeding, hearing loss, or vision loss that require extensive medical treatment and long-term medical care. It is critical to undergo thorough tests if you suffered a blow to the head after a car accident.

Spine, neck and back injuries

Injuries to the spinal cord and neck also require immediate medical attention. Spinal injuries can cause a reduced sensation and leave you with less control of your arms, legs, hands, feet, and other body parts. Serious damage to the spine can also cause paralysis as it affects your nerves. On the other hand, neck injuries like whiplash strain your ligaments and tendons. Whiplash can be hard to prove if you’re making a claim, so ask your doctor for evidence and diagnosis of the injury

Internal injuries

The impact of the crash may cause injury to your internal organs. Internal bleeding can’t be detected normally after a collision. Don’t take chances and shrug off the pain you are feeling, no matter how trivial it is. Ask your doctor to examine your body for internal injuries.

Cuts and lacerations

You can get cuts and lacerations from glass shrapnel, torn metal, and flying objects after a car accident. These injuries can be minor or serious enough to require surgery. Unlike the other types of injuries, cuts and lacerations are less likely to cause long-term damage on you. However, if the injury happened on your face or neck, the scar you get after the treatment may affect your quality of life.

Broken bones

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Broken bones are common in a car accident. This type of injury usually damages the ribs, legs, ankles, arms, and wrists. Minor bone fractures can be treated with a cast. However, serious cases may require surgery. Serious cases of broken bones may leave a lasting effect on your everyday living.

Burn injuries

Fire after a vehicular accident leaves you with minor or serious burns. Depending on the severity of the burn, your injury may require simple home care treatment or skin grafting. Either way, see a doctor if you suffered from burn injuries after an accident.

Psychological injuries

Car accidents don’t only cause you physical injuries but psychological injuries as well. An example of this is post-traumatic stress disorder, which can negatively impact your life if not addressed properly. If this type of injury affects your daily life already, you may be entitled to a claim after the accident.

Take note that not all car accident injuries will show up right away. Some injuries like TBI take to time surface. Make sure your doctor checks you for injuries even if you don’t feel intense pain.

Should you suffer from any of these injuries, make sure to document your medical history to claim your car insurance. Find out the full extent of your injuries before you file a claim, so you’ll know if you need to undergo an on-going medication. This way, you may include future costs in your claim.

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