3 Must-Haves in an Apartment Building

apartment building

Good places to live are getting harder and harder to find these days. In big cities, affordable residences typically consist of a one-bedroom apartment in a building with little to no services or comfort.

Comfortable, spacious houses, on the other hand, are located far away from the city, which means long commutes every day for those who work in the central business districts at the heart of the American economy.

This has created a higher demand than ever for comfortable living spaces that are also located in convenient locations. Hence, budding real-estate developers and investors could try their hand at a new kind of affordable residence that manages to provide all necessary services.

Obtaining the necessary financing is easy with the availability of multifamily construction loans, and quality apartment buildings are guaranteed to be filled with tenants in no time.

Here are some must-haves in an apartment building to make it the go-to residence for the young, aspiring opportunity seekers in the city:

Nearby Grocery Stores

Convenience is a big consideration when people choose where to live, and this includes access to daily necessities such as food, water, and toiletries. Having grocery or convenience stores very close by is, therefore, a great way to attract tenants.

People will not have to drive or go out of their way in case of emergencies and will appreciate being able to do their shopping on the way back from work. In fact, you can even go one step further by having a grocery store on the first floor of the building. This will ensure that your tenants will have everything they need right at their doorstep.

Fitness and Recreation Center

gym interior

Finding the time and place to get some exercise is one of the great challenges of urban living. After a long day in the office, the last thing anyone wants is to tire themselves out further at a gym. Hence, why not bring the gym to them by having a fitness center in the apartment building?

People get to go to the gym at their own time, and need not travel far to squeeze in a workout. Rain or shine, there is no reason not to start living healthy. The body also benefits greatly from time spent outdoors, which city life very rarely offers.

Apartment buildings can change this by having an outdoor sky garden, where tenants can take a stroll and children can play. If you want to go a step further, you can add a swimming pool as well to really ensure that your tenants can have a good time.

Maintenance and Back-Up Power Services

In case of emergency situations, it is handy to have maintenance services on standby that they can get in touch with. For example, if a tenant experiences plumbing or utility problems, maintenance workers can help deal with the problem immediately, rather than have the tenant try to source a maintenance provider.

Furthermore, during a blackout or power failure, you don’t want tenants to have to rely on candles while waiting around for power to come back on. Have a back-up generator that can keep people comfortable and with electricity even as the rest of the city is plunged into darkness. These services will give your tenants extra convenience that is sure to leave them satisfied.

Comfort and affordability are rarities in the real estate market today. Thus, an apartment building offering both is sure to be hot property and the perfect investment for any real-estate developer.

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