The Success of Natural and Organic Food

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If you’re looking at business ideas within the food industry, you owe it to yourself to consider natural and organic food’s continued success.

This year, Food Business News reported that organic food sales were on the rise. According to their figures, $50 billion was made in the organic food industry in 2019, and that figure is expected to be topped by the year’s end.

Why is organic food so popular? As the linked report suggests, the coronavirus has affected, as the pandemic has increased people’s desire to eat cleaner, healthier food. However, even before the recent world-shaking event, there has been clear evidence that Americans are now eating healthier than ever before, so for any foodie entrepreneur, moving into the natural and organic food industry is an obvious path to take.

Of course, you can gain an understanding of the success of natural and organic food yourself when you visit your local supermarket. Whereas in the past, such foods were neatly tucked away, they are now front and center on our supermarket shelves. Be it fruits and vegetables that have been labeled as ‘organically grown’ or flavored water without artificial sweeteners. They are now being marketed more heavily to customers. Chances are, you may have been persuaded to include them in your shopping basket yourself.

Why Are People Buying Organic Food?

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It’s simple, really. People buy organic food because it’s a healthier choice. According to a national survey, 8 out of 10 American families purchase organic foods on an occasional basis, so the market for such foods is no longer unique to those people we used to label as hippies. According to the linked article, people are buying organic foods to:

  • Avoid synthetic pesticides on produce
  • Eat foods that are guaranteed to have more nutrients
  • Eat foods that are free of genetically modified organisms

Organic and natural foods are no longer a passing trend, as the upsurge in sales shows that they are here to stay. People want to stay healthier, and they are suspicious of any foods that may have been grown using less-than-natural means. The only downside for some seems to be the expensive price tag attached to organic foods, but if you choose to be an entrepreneur in the food business, you have the means to create friendlier pricing options.

Starting An Organic Food Business

Not only is organic food the healthier choice when trying to choose what to eat, but it can also be seen as a healthier choice when starting your own business too.

If you are interested in this, you need to learn how to grow foods naturally and organically or partner with those farmers in your local area. You could then sell these foods online, open up your own grocery store, sell your produce to other stores, or sell your organic goods through a restaurant or food truck business. You might be able to think of other business ideas. Check out these tips on how to get started if you’re interested, and commit to further research online.

When many people are making an effort to live healthier, you could find great success in the natural and organic food industry, as your profits should be as healthy as the foods you sell!

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