Follow These 5 Rules to Succeed in the Restaurant Business

Successful small business owner standing with crossed arms with employee in background preparing coffee

Are you planning to build your own pizza franchise and restaurant? If so, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel because you can follow the footsteps and trails of the successful restaurants that came before you. There are certain rules that helped these entrepreneurs find success despite the challenges ahead of them.

Restaurateurs cite the following rules you can follow to achieve the same success in the industry.

Build a Team

If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, you can’t be a one-man army. Leaders need to wear multiple hats, but they don’t need to be good at everything. Delineating tasks and finding talented people to fill the gaps are ways that lead to a successful restaurant. Hire a chef to run the kitchen (unless you have the experience and training) and find staff that can complement them.

You can be the person that runs the daily operations of your business or the big picture thinker. You can handover administrative tasks to others and focus on the expansion, marketing and concept building parts of the company.

Keep the Menu Simple but Delicious

Food doesn’t have to be complicated. If people love what you serve, they’ll keep returning. Keep the menu smaller and simple, but scrumptious. Focus on specialties that will make you stand out over your competitors. Too many choices may mean less fresh food served because some dishes are on hold while customers only order a select few.

Specialize because this is your way of becoming famous in your neighborhood. Top-of-mind awareness for a certain cuisine is easier to market and will catch on quicker through word of mouth.

The Right Atmosphere

Food doesn’t have to be complicated, but creating ambience is important. The right atmosphere stimulates conversation among diners, gets them to order more food and drinks, and they would like to return because of the experiences they had. Choose the right lighting and music that represents your brand image.

The wait staff also plays an important role in creating the perfect restaurant atmosphere. Hire friendly and personable waiters and waitresses who will be your establishment’s front liners. The way they deal with customers, their demeanor, if they smile or not, and other factors will positively or negatively affect the mood of the people they serve.

Enough Seating

group of frineds dining in a restaurant

Your business needs to be profitable, and the most obvious way is to get as many people eating at your restaurant as possible. The size of the dining area must be big enough for your target number of customers a day. Seating can make a smallish room bigger than it actually is. Arrange the chairs and tables in a way that maximizes space, but doesn’t make it difficult to move around.

Strong Branding

Delicious food and good service are a must for a restaurant to succeed, but you need to build a strong brand to reach your intended audience. Every detail matters — the signage, unique selling proposition, color scheme, and name. All these create an overall image that you will convey to your target market.

These are only some of the rules you need to follow and implement to improve your chances of success. Forming the right team, delivering delicious food, and paying attention to details are the right mix for a successful restaurant.


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